[no roots—just antennae]


NR—JA [detail], moving image 2019


Bay of Mars is a multimedia testing ground. An experimental landscape in its origins with its name borrowed from an undisclosed location, Bay of Mars migrates to likewise and otherwise friendly environments — online, and in the form of exhibitions, periodicals, time-based work, unique items, and occasional events. In collaboration with a broad group of contributors, Bay of Mars combines Urban States for events and talks, Correspondents for all printed matter, and most recently, the relational product line XRX for testing, production, and outfitting. Bay of Mars is jointly run by Karen Lohrmann and Stefano de Martino.

XRX [/ˈzɪərɒks/]

XRX is about replacement, repetition, and reenactment. XRX acknowledges prior existence of ideas and designs — even just the slightest hunch most likely existed before.

Inspired by the dry copying technique Xerography — better known as Xerox — which appropriated the greek terms of dry [xeros] and writing [graphia], we know every version is different, strangely off, momentarily unique if needed, or just other, separate, variant. So, along with the vastness of über-company Xerox, XRX is about similarities, never copies, but simple relations: inspired by something, taking it elsewhere. No more. No less.

Neraketu for XRX, 2019/21


Correspondents is made in Berlin. Developed in close collaboration with LANE Studio and produced by Europrint, Correspondents can be found in fine bookshops and at selected stores, libraries and institutions. The limited editions are part of public and private collections and featured at United Nations Plaza Berlin, Skylight and Family in Los Angeles, Do you read me? and Pro QM in Berlin, Kunstraum Lüneburg, Salon für Kunstbuch and Belvedere 21 in Vienna, Mercado San Cosme Berlin, Oldenburger Kunstverein, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Campo in Rome, A’mbasciata in Naples, Flat Art Book Fair in Turin, the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, among other. 

Correspondents is a drop in the ocean of printed matter. Deliberately not a magazine or collection of articles, each edition is produced by one author on one subject. Developed over time, Correspondents is made of sources and editions. Sources are translations of ideas into diverse media; editions engage print media. Correspondents are agents, their content determined and uncompromising — promiscuous like a free radical, pairing, mixing, and contrasting to modify meaning and perception. There is no relation other than that they all invite some sense of exteriority. 

LANE Studio, PRINT RUN [Bettina Khano, 887 002 2AAAANN1 03/02/04 1], 2013